Elite ’18

Wow....I was really surprised when I saw the negative reviews for Flawless Auto Group.  Maybe I'm a ding dong, but I've been buying my own cars since I was 16 and I'm now, well, let's just say I'm not 16 anymore....

I just got a car from them and had NONE of the problems either of these guys had.  Not sure what changed, but I can tell you that the experience I had was seamless.  Everything they quoted me was right on and it was definitely better than the deal that was quoted to me from the dealership AND I didn't have to negotiate and go back and forth with them blowing smoking up my waziddle.  The only hitch I experienced was that I had to wait longer than I expected for the car.  And when I say "wait", I'm talking I had to wait an hour or so more than I wanted to.  Boo hoo for me.  But in the end, I got EXACTLY what I wanted, a 2012 black on black Cadillac CTS Coupe with everything I wanted on it.  Not to mention, from the time I contacted them to the time they found my car and delivered it was only about 24 hours.  Frankly, I don't think you can ask for much more than that.  Not only would I go back to them the next time I need a car, I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to friends and coworkers.
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Artsruni Galoyan  recommends Flawless Report.

We are thrilled with our new Cadillac! Thanks to Flawless Report who made it possible. Our credit history is short and we were being denied for a lease or asked to pay too much. Flawless Report was able to get us approved with an affordable payment plus we had the car delivered to our home the day after submitting the application.  Thanks again, and will definitely refer others to your company.
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Tigran B.

I just leased a brand new Lexus GS350 F Sport from Flawless. I have been looking all over Los Angeles County from different dealers to different brockers, Flawless got me the cheapest rate got me all the packages I wanted and the color combination that I wanted. I will never go car shopping again I will go straight to Flawless. They make the car buying experiance FLAWLESS. No headaches no dumb questions and he got me approved with a credit score that is not so great. He saved me over $1000 on my down payment and $115 on my monthly payment and only charged me a $250 brocker fee at the time of delivery. Thank you Flawless I will be a returning customer for life. You are the best.
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Taylor T.

I was told about Flawless  by a friend of mine and I have to say that it was best thing that could of ever happen. From the moment that I contacted them the procedure was just like their name "FLAWLESS". They were quick with responses, very informative, and made the leasing experiencing quick and easy which  is exactly what I was looking for. From start to finish they were amazing to work with even hand delivering my car to my house. When my lease is up with out a doubt I'm going to go back to Flawless Auto Group because they did such an amazing job the first time around. I would highly recommend them to any and everyone because the service does not get much better then with them.
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Tatiana S.

Thank you Flawless Report ! 
After several weeks going from one dealership to the other and haggling with salespeople I still couldn't find the car I wanted at a reasonable price. 
Thank God my friend gave me your number as a referral because if she hadn't I would still be searching for a new car.
After spending only two hours at your office I was able to get exactly what I wanted at the best price in town (and I know that the price I got from you is the best since I've spend soo much time in a different dealerships with people, who offered me "the best deal", which was much more expensive than what I got from you).
Thank you again!
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Andy Slate

 Ladies and gentleman, i would like to say thank you again to the best car broker ever! after 2 year with my lexus ct200h which Arman got me, it was time to get a new car! Arman instantly reacted and within less than 24 hours, i got a phone call from him that my new RX 350 will be delivered tomorrow at 6pm to my house....... come on guys... what else do you need ??? ArRRRRman is da best! do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this guy!Type your paragraph here.

Selisha N.

Arman and Taylor are wonderful. They handle everything and they make it feel almost effortless to get into a car. My mother, father, and best friend ( along with myself) have all got our cars through Arman. He even delivers the car to your house. We all have BMW 's and we couldn't be happier. Amazing service. I seriously recommend him to anyone that is looking for a car.
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Leila S.

Flawless has been such an amazing group to get a car from.  I have to say that I have had a heck of a time with getting a car and they have been truly awesome with me and my needs.  I was quoted a price, which actually came out LESS than what we had thought (less is ALWAYS GOOD) and the treatment I got (specifically Taylor) was beyond what my expectations were.  I honestly can't wait to do another transaction with them! 

This is the 5th car I have gotten in my lifetime, and it is the FIRST time I have ever, ever, sent people to the same Auto group, and it is simply because of the wonderful experience I had.
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Maks H.

Well I clearly don't understand how someone can write negative reviews. I didn't have a car for about a week because every dealership or leasing broker I went to gave me bad deals or told me there is no way for me to get the car I desired. I was about to loose my hope of leasing a new car, till I decided to try to lease a car with Flawless Auto Group. I went in and felt a positive environment all around. After talking to the manager and describing him my situation and the cars I was interested in, he told me that it might not be easy, but he will get it done. So after a couple of days I pulled out of their parking lot with a brand new CTS. I will definitely lease any other car in the future from them. So don't loose your hope of leasing a new car and try flawless auto!!!

Jessica A.

I had a great experience with flawless auto group :) they gave me a great deal for my Mercedes Benz e class. I would recommend flawless if you want to beat the dealer rates!
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Lindsay B.

I just recently purchased a BMW through Flawless Auto Group and I can say without a doubt that it was the easiest, most seemless auto purchase I have ever made.  I will never in my life go back to buying straight from a dealer!  I had actually tried to buy a car through BMW Monrovia before discovering Flawless and when I told the salesman there the price I wanted to pay, he literally laughed in my face and said it was far too low.  I later found Flawless through an internet search and was hooked up with a broker named Hamlet.  I told Hamlet the price I wanted to pay and he not only found me a car at that price, but he took care of everything for me.  All I had to do was show up at the Flawless office and sign a few pieces of paper and Hamlet handed over the keys to my new car.  It was SO INCREDIBLY EASY and FAST and - best of all - I did not have to deal with a car salesmen!  I will be using Hamlet and Flawless Auto Group for all of my future vehicle purchases and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

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